Maranatha Baptist Church | 221 Hampton Hwy | Yorktown, VA  23693 | 757-867-8394


Maranatha Baptist Church - Early History

 December, 1975  First service with 27 people at the Northampton Ladies  Club

                               (by Jefferson Davis Middle School in Hampton)


                               Services at the CB Club on Hilton Road in Newport News –

                               there about 2 years


  February, 1976   Maranatha Baptist Church officially Incorporated

           July, 1977   Broke ground for the church building in Yorktown


November, 1977   First unofficial service in new building

December, 1977   First official (Sunday) meeting in new building


  February, 1978   First Mission Conference

     August, 1978   Brother & Mrs. Coffey come to work in the youth ministry

  February, 1981   Fifth anniversary of the Church – Bro. Alverson resigned and moved to SC;

                               Brother Coffey is the interim pastor.  Sanctuary dedicated.


         April, 1981   Pastor Coffey is selected as the pastor of the Church