Maranatha Baptist Church 

Yorktown, VA 


Phase 1 Guidelines 

Wednesday, May 20th at 7:00PM 


We are thrilled to begin Phase 1 re-opening at MBC on Wednesday, May 20th at 7:00p! 

As we prepare to re-open our services under Phase 1 of the #ForwardVirgina plan, it is important to understand the following guidelines: 

Please do not come to church if you are feeling sick or have a household family member that is sick, or if you have any SYMPTOMS of the COVID-19 infection or have been in contact with or exposed to someone with COVID-19. 

We continue to recommend you stay at home and watch the live stream services if you are still uncomfortable being in public gatherings or are in the HIGHER RISK CATEGORIES as indicated by the CDC. 

We recommend you wear APPROPRIATE PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We will have a limited supply on hand for those who are unable to bring their own. There are two wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers in the church entrance way for your use if you’re unable to bring your own. If for no other reason than out of respect for others, please consider wearing PPE at least while entering and exiting the building. 

Public areas will be sanitized before and after each service. 

SOCIAL DISTANCING must be practiced at all times, to include entering and exiting the building. 

Please refrain from hugging or shaking hands. 

The only open areas of the building will be the entrance way, auditorium, and missionary hall restrooms. All other areas of the facility should be considered off-limits unless directed by one of the deacons to an area or room for overflow seating. 

Please do not congregate in the entrance way, halls, restrooms, aisles, etc. 

Weekly services will continue to be limited to the Auditorium Sunday School Class and the Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening and Wednesday Evening services for the time being

There will be no children’s or youth gatherings or ministries. 

There will be no nurseries.  

We are limited to 50% capacity of the auditorium or overflow rooms seating capacity and must practice social distancing in our seating arrangements. Therefore, we will prepare overflow seating in other areas or rooms. 

Pews and chairs have been marked in 6ft intervals to maintain social distancing requirements. Some pews are closed due to the social distancing guidelines. They are clearly marked. Family members who live in the same household will need to be seated together to help conserve seating space and will need to make sure to keep 6ft of space between their family and the next individual or family in the pew. Our deacons will be available in the auditorium to help with this. Please keep your children with you at all times.


Offering plates will not be passed during the services. Offering plates and envelopes will be located on the two tables in the entrance way. You can place your tithes and offerings in the plates as you enter or depart. Of course, you can continue to mail your tithes and offerings or give them through our secure online portal at our website. 

Please enter through the main entrance and please do not enter the building in large groups. Our deacons will greet you at the front door and direct you at safe-distance intervals as you enter and will then direct you to a seating location in the auditorium or overflow room. Due to the extra time required for entrance and seating, it is recommended you plan to come to church earlier than usual so we can get everyone seated and begin services on time. 

Auditorium seating should always prioritize senior saints (especially on Sunday mornings for those who are unable to drive at night to come to an evening service) and guests, and will be filled on a first come, first served basis. We will seat people from the front to the back. Once compliant capacity has been reached, attendees will be directed to overflow seating. 

Following the service, the deacons will dismiss the congregation by rows so we can facilitate social distancing as we exit. Again, please do not congregate in the aisles, hallways, restrooms, entrance way, etc.  

When the service is dismissed, please exit the building immediately so our sanitation teams can begin their work as quickly as possible. 

We are so thankful to begin meeting again, even in this somewhat restricted manner. We appreciate your cooperation, assistance and support of these guidelines as we seek to re-open services in the safest way possible and with the best possible testimony to our community and state and local law enforcement and leaders. 

If you have any questions, contact us via phone, email or our social media channels. 

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