COVID-19 Response

December 16, 2020


We have learned of several church members who have had contact with others who have COVID from outside our regular assembly and have been quarantining.

So, given the general level of concern within our congregation, and, based upon what we know, considering the number of possible points of contact from multiple fronts, we feel it best to return to live stream only services beginning tomorrow night Dec. 16th through Dec. 27th.

This is an extremely difficult decision to make, but we think it best to come down the best we can on the side of caution.

If you have had known unmasked, non-socially distanced contact with someone with COVID, please be careful to follow the CDC's quarantine recommendations and if possible inform others with whom you've had contact since that time.

Our prayer is that returning to live stream during this time will allow any possible infections to come to light and at the same time prevent any further infections as much as possible.

God Bless You Richly,
Pastor Monteith
Isa. 50:7

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